Join the hundreds of our graduates who already have a concealed handgun permit.

Cost of Class is $50 ($25 nonrefundable deposit)
$25 due at beginning of class

Class includes a complete ready to mail package with fingerprints meeting the requirements of Arkansas Act 419 of 1995. The Arkansas Concealed handgun carry permit is curently valid in 38 states.

The $50 class fee does not included $137.00 (64 and younger) $87.00 (65 and older) fees to be paid to the State Police upon formal application Price effective October 1, 2016. Students have six months from completion of the class to apply for a permit. Attending the class does not obligate you to apply for the permit or pay the $137

All of our instructors are licensed by the Arkansas State Police.
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Student Requirements for Concealed Carry Classes.

Items required to complete the class:

  • The student must have a hand gun, either revolver or semi-automatic (semi-automatic is required for a unrestricted carry permit)
  • At least 75 rounds of ammunition
  • EYE and EAR protection