When entering the property, lock the access gate behind you. This ensures that a person entering the range should be a member and have the safety consciousness as you do while shooting.

NO FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED ON THIS RANGE!!! This helps promote good neighbor relations for the time being. Do not shoot center fire rifles at the pistol range at ANY of the steel targets found on the pistol range. The use of long guns that fire .22 caliber rim fire, 9mm, .357 or .44 caliber handgun rounds are acceptable to shoot the metal targets on the pistol range. Do not shoot metal targets with the large .454 or .50 caliber handgun loads!

Always pick up or sweep away as much spent brass as possible when you are finished shooting. If you do not want your brass, place re-loadable, center-fire brass in the brass containers found on the range.

.22 rim-fire brass should be swept off the shooting area, or thrown in the trash receptacles. Aluminum or steel spent casing should be picked up and thrown in the trash receptacle, not the re-loadable brass containers.

Pick up your trash. If you brought it, pick it up and discard it properly, including used paper targets and cardboard backing. Pick up anything that a lawn mower will hit!

Eye and ear protection is required on the range.

When more than one shooter is present and actively shooting, one person should serve as range safety officer calling the line hot or cold so that targets may be checked safely. Do not begin shooting until EVERYONE has a chance to go down range and is wearing ear protection.

NO ONE is allowed to handle a firearm with anyone down range. NO ONE. This includes loading a weapon, casing a weapon, or showing it to your buddy while someone else goes down range.


Do not fire from the 200 yard line position when anyone is present at the 100 yard line awning. Do not handle firearms at the 200 yard position when the 100 yard firing position is in use. Do not put those persons at risk by shooting past them. Criminal charges may be in order because you have put their life at risk! This is serious business. Treat your fellow shooters like you expect to be treated.

Remember to put the second chain up when shooting from 200 yards! This will make new arrivals aware that someone is shooting across the access road at the top of the hill. No strict rules exist on what happens if someone is using the 200 and someone wants to shoot from the 100 yard awning. Use common sense and courtesy in those situations. Maybe both of you can shoot from the same range distance, or let one shooter finish the course of fire he has started. Who was there first? Even if you were there first, be courteous and limit the time you prevent the new arrival from shooting. A simple Hi, give me another 20 minutes and I will be done will acknowledge the new arrivals presence and lets him know that he will get to play soon. Get to know the new arrival! You may have a chance to make a new friend!

Do not place targets in the area between the 200 and 100 yard awnings, even in the open area to the left or south side of the range. A deflected bullet could damage the 100 yard awning.

When wanting to shoot at a distance of less than 100 yards, do it from the 100 yard awing.

Please store any club equipment properly prior to leaving. This includes items such as club staplers, clay pigeon throwers, sand bag rests, front rests, etc. Be sure a release any stored spring energy in the clay pigeon thrower before leaving the range. If the pigeon thrower is not tripped prior to walking away, it could accidentally release and seriously injure someone.

Always bring your guns muzzle up from the ground to the target, not from up in the air down to the target. This keeps all rounds on the property and wont allow any rounds that might go over the berm.

Do not go exploring on the property without a safety watch posted. A newly arriving shooter would not know where you are down range and begin firing, putting you at risk. There is no recreational 4-wheeling or motorcycling allowed on the property. The use of such vehicles to go forward and check targets is allowed.

Please don’t spin donuts or cut ruts in the property. Someone has to smooth them back out.

No hunting is allowed on the range property. This is a target shooting club, not a hunting club.

Observe the permanently posted safety rules.

Common courtesy, patience and range safety between club members are essential in keeping the range property a safe and enjoyable place for each of us to play. Please go the extra mile to be both safe and to play nice with other members!

Should you have a problem with the equipment here or you find it degraded, please notify one of the club’s officers.

Are you aware that the club owns a chronograph that you can borrow? Contact Jeff Ellis at the Old Bank Pawn and Gun to “check it out” for the day. Remember, you shoot it, you fix it!

Enjoy the assets the club has amassed, but be responsible and safe in its use. Please be courteous to the neighbors at Jones Mountain as well. Leave either range cleaner than you found it.

Please don’t litter the public roads leading to the range. Treat our neighbors as you would like to be treated in your neighborhood.

Two last important things:

  1. This range was designed and constructed for the use by about 100 club members. If you wish to use the range, you must be willing to go the extra mile and take all safety precautions needed to make this range successful. Right now, we have lots of shooting members and very few members who actually participate in range improvement and maintenance. Please plan to help out when possible. Be courteous and safe, and report any damage to the club officers.
  2. If someone on the range “coaches” you that you are damaging targets or are being precised as being unsafe, please discontinue the actions in question and tell the coach “U bet! Sorry!”. If you find another shooter being unsafe or damaging club property, politely explain what they are doing wrong and ask them to stop. If they refuse, let it go, but provide the club officers their automobile license plate number. We will determine who they are and take appropriate action. Remember, every one there is armed! Be nice!